Stumbling Stones and German Occupation

When looking at the Feddes map and the STIWOT map of stumbling stones it could be seen that there was a huge overlap with the amount of Jewish people populating an area during world war 2 and the amount of stumbling stones present in the area present day. In the Feddes map it can be seen that most of the jewish population in Amsterdam populated the outer canals of the city along with an interior section bordering the Amstel canal. This area of Amsterdam was incomparable to any other with the density of jewish people populating it 

I feel the Stumbling Stones show the vast amount of people that were affected within the area due to WW2. These stones provide a reminder in the city’s structure to the lives that were lost in the worst genoicde in history. Through these stones a vast hollocaust is personalized though individuals names and places of lodging. This type of memorial personalizes the victim and allows the viewer to imagine the person living and breathing in front of them. 

Although these memorials are effective at bringing on an emotional and personal feeling to those involved with the holocaustl, the problem lies within the lack of responsibility in the part of the Jewish killings. Kuper, in “Disney Town and Secret Monuments” discusses the role the Dutch had on the suffering of the Jews within Amsterdam. He explained that the Germans would praise the Dutch Policeman saying that they “behave outstandingly catching hundreds of Jews”. 

It would be nice if Amsterdam could find a happy medium between well done memorials honoring the dead and history museums taking responsibility for improper actions. 


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