The Dutch memorialization of Jews

The stumbling stones in the STIWOT map attempt to memorialize those murdered in the Holocaust. To a certain extent, they accomplish this because they seem to be more concentrated where there were more Jewish residences. However, these “memorials” are almost unnoticeable unless you are looking for them, which not many people do since the history of Jewish presence in Amsterdam is rarely talked about. In Rotterdam, the people choose to view the city from its post-war status, moving forward because a majority of the city was levelled during bombings. But in Amsterdam, a city that has been preserved as to how it was in Rembrandt and Hamel’s time, the story is still off. The story behind the house of Anne Frank makes Hacohen wonder what it actually represents and conclude that it tells the story of how the Dutch betrayed instead of the supposed resistance they show. Even though Amsterdam has monuments for the Jews that lived there and died, the story the plaque tells is wrong just as it is wrong to have no memory of them at all in Rotterdam. I illustrated the memorial for transit warehouse 24 in Rotterdam because of how plain and nondescript it is, barely seeming like a memorial from this point of view.

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