Different perspectives

One of the main differences that I noticed in my own walk was that I was much more focused on the people and vehicles as opposed to the architecture. Part of this may be because Pascal’s journey was all new to me and I have seen the buildings on my walk numerous times. However, I think I also generally look towards the ground more when walking and as such, I often see things on the sidewalk or road. I especially watch animals a lot too see where they run to and how people/vehicles affect them. In Pascal’s videos, I rewatched one, focusing on the bottom half of the screen instead of the buildings and noticed a lot of details that I completely missed before. With Pascal’s videos, I was able to look at the buildings more and the contrast from one building to the next. When I am walking, I don’t look back very often and given the 360 view, I found myself looking back when a particular building interested me.


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