The intersection of Queens Rd and Providence Road has been voted the worst intersection in Charlotte for years.
There is a huge church on one corner and a grocery store/shopping center, a library on another corner and residences on the other, so there is definitely places to people to walk or bike and in an area where people do so. This intersection is the way into (or out of the city) from (or into) the affluent Myers Park neighborhood. The city has installed bike lanes along Queens Rd. but not across the whole thing. There are crosswalks, not a guarantee here.

I don’t know what’s up with Providence Rd. but Queens Rd. is a (not perfect) circle that goes completely around Queen University so the intersection of Queen and Queens is where those roads connect again.

Without renaming the roads, I would make this intersection better by color coding the streets to align Queens rd. with Queens Rd. and Providence Rd. with Providence Rd. I would add bike lanes

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