A Walk around Dupont and a ride around Amsterdam

When watching the biking videos, It was very easy to spot the differences between Amsterdams metropolitan society and the DC metropolitan area. I bike around DC very often due to my lack of a car, and I haven’t found any bikes paths  on the level of the Dutch since I have been in the district. The paths within Amsterdam are much wider and have separate sections separate from the road, unlike America. This change seems to have a big effect on the smoothness of bike transportation along with biker safety. I noticed that the chaos of city biking is eliminated almost immediately with the Dutch system of biking. Since the American system combines both bikes and cars with the bike paths being on the street, Competition forms causing the bikes and the cars to be hazards to themselves. The clear separation between car, pedestrian, and bike within the Netherlands seems to be the best system for the safety of bikers along with those in cars. Although the biking systems are better in Amsterdam, I noticed that Amsterdam lacks the greenery that DC has built up within its urban environment. I never realized alot of the beauty of the Netherlands comes from the water rather than the metropolitan area.


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