Rome vs Amsterdam

One of the biggest differences that I notice in my experience vs what I see in Pascal’s videos is the most obvious one, a city that has very respectable safe passage lanes for cyclists. I watched the videos before going on a walk towards the city center area and tried to observe more carefully what areas could be transformed for a more sustainable transportation road. While watching Pascal, I also noticed that you could barely see or hear any cars. The area is always green, and the aura of the entire community is very calm and gentle. This cannot be said about many other cities in Europe. In Rome, the city is loud, crowded with tiny cars, vespas and buses with continuous honking and people swearing at each other. Amsterdam is planned with lots of thought and in return this affects the behavior and the mood of the people. Just watching Pascal’s videos feels more like a meditation than an assignment.

The first picture of the bridge and the tunnel is an example shows that there are no bike lanes present to allow people to travel towards north. However, after examining the area for 5 minutes it became clear that a safe bike lane could be established similar to Pascal’s video where he is entering the Bridge to and on Java Island. It is a matter of planning. The rest of the images are from Borghese park illustrating once again no bike lanes, although there should be no excuses for this because it is Rome’s biggest park that should clearly offer safe bike passage lanes.


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