Dancing with the Horned Ladies

The thing about this documentary that interested me the most is the sheer contrasts between the American farming industry and the industry we see in the Netherlands. Things like natural foods and horned cows are virtually extinct in the American farming system. When looking at the American system it is synonymous with antibiotics and steroids meant to get the most meat out of the cows being produced. This doc shows the effect these changes have had on the cows and offers solutions to the previous ways. 

I was very interested in the Dutch style of farming. The free roaming cow approach was something brand new to me. I thought this form of farming was going out the window after reading things like fast food nation that show the strict and horrific things that go on within the food industry. 

I did not realize the importance of horns to a cow. Although cows within America very rarely have horns, It is one of the most important things for the general health of a cow. It allows for the cow to store precious minerals that are needed throughout its life. Without them, these cows start eating away at hooves which leads to an overall unhealthy and unhappy cow. It shows the need Americans have for efficiency and money compared to the Dutch. 

Although it is happier for the cows, there are alot of problems with the “hands off” approach that the farmers in the video end up using. The risk of no vaccination is huge due to the ease of infection through disease within farming communities. I would imagine if one cow caught a disease this would inevitably spread to all the cows due to the lack of vaccines. 

I feel like the best option is the happy medium between Dutch “hands offness” and American “capital protection”.

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