Amsterdam: City as Work of Art

The George Washington University, Washington DC, USA
Course open to GW and non-GW students. Graduate credit available in Art History

Register by March 1 at https://studyabroad.gwu.edu/summer-short-term-programs

This is a course in the art of looking: How do our conceptual frameworks shape what we see in a painting, a photograph, a building, even a museum, a street, or an entire city? Amsterdam is unique in that every single square centimeter has been designed—dredged from the sea, drained, canalized, built & rebuilt over the centuries. It has been crafted and curated, like a work of art. You’ll acquire and adapt modes of looking at art, photography, architecture, & urban design to interpret and re-interpret this incredible city. We’ll get intimate tours of the city, created just for us, exploring the Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House, Van Gogh museum, & Tropenmuseum, + bicycle infrastructure tour, Black Heritage canal tour, Red Light District tour, architectural history tour, custom photography workshop, + side trip to Utrecht, + more! Earns WID credit. Art History graduate credit available.

Info: Prof. Phillip Troutman: trout@gwu.edu.



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