week 3: design/architecture

Tuesday 16 July
Post #5


  • David Winner, David Winner, “Dutch Space is Different, in Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Soccer (New York Overlook Press, 2000), 4466. PDF, Blackboard > E-Reserves.
  • Aaron Betsky, False Flat: Why Dutch Design is So Good (New York: Phaidon, 2004), ch. 1. PDF, Blackboard > E-Reserves.
  • Han Meyer, et al., Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands (APA Planners Press, 1990), chs. 3-4. PDF, Blackboard > E-Reserves.

Post to WordPress (new post; find a great image online to go with it):  Start with Winner: what is his central argument and how does he build it—notice in particular how he uses ideas from art history and art theory: how can those apply to soccer? Now Betsky: what is his central claim? And what is his method of getting to it? What do you think of his narrative style and method? And now Meyer: how does his approach differ from the others? What discipline do you think he works in and how does his approach differ from Winner’s and Betsky’s? Finally, can you synthesize these three strands? Do they work together? What does each add to (or contrast with) the others?

Wednesday  17 July
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Post comments, as before. Where would you extend your peer’s takes on these scholars? Where might you differ? Where would you want to know more?

Thursday 18 July
Post #6

Visual resources, evidence

Post: New post, as before (w/ image). Apply at least one framework from Monday’s reading (Winner, Betsky, &/or Meyer), to one example (or group of examples) from bicycle infrastructure/history. Now, one of those frameworks to one example/group from architecture/urban planning evidence assigned here. In each case, what does the theory/framework illuminate that you would not have noticed otherwise? Where does the theory fit or not quite fit the evidence? NOTE: this is essentially a little draft of Essay 2 (see below).

Friday 19 July
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Read the Essay 2 prompt below and respond to at least 2 peers, as before. What should they write about?

Sunday 21 July

Essay 2: as new post to WordPress (same word limits, format, audience, citation style, learning objectives, and writing tips as before, but with new content). Using any of the theory/method pieces assigned this week, analyze any set of evidence assigned this week. Feel free to go beyond the assigned evidence if you like (using other internet sources of Dutch planning, architecture, design, or infrastructure). If relevant, you may also bring in scholarship or examples from prior weeks.