A Mock Etching of Rembrandt’s made at the Rembrandt House

Today, we went to the Rembrandt House. It was a truly fascinating. The spiraling wooden staircase that took us up to the the various floors of the house was only the beginning. On the first floor there are two bedrooms on display with many of his lovely paintings that. He. Had accquired. On the second floor some of his copper etchings are on display. On the third floor are his various gorgeous possessions of butterflies, shells, fossils and sculptures. On the final floor where the the best lighting was is Rembrandt’s studio. I was also able to get in line in time to see the demonstration of the etching that only allows for twelve people at a time. The lady told us some history about Rembrandt’s etching and did a great job on making a replication of a shell etching print. First, she showed us the three types of etching techniques. Then, she showed us her various etching tools and scrapers that she utilized and that were similar to ones utilized during Rembrandt’s time. Then, she took the cooper slack that has an etching of a shell and applied the black ink of which she made on her own. After that she wiped it with a fish net sort of cloth and with the yellow pages, or she said piece of paper could also be used. Then, she laid it face up on the printing table and put a soft cloth table over it. Then, she laid felt over it and began spinning the wheel to create the print.  She said that you have to roll the wheel in a fluid motion in order to achieve a great print. That she did. She turned the wheel, unveiled the felt, and held up her beautiful print for us to see. I truly enjoyed this demonstration and the Rembrandt House overall.


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