(N.O.) Water features

The closest water feature is a stream that eventually feeds into the Potomac River, called the Willett Branch. The straight areas are easily built around with bridges while the main meandering parts are left within Little Falls Park with the small housing structures structures around it slightly curving with the stream. The stream looks segmented, disappearing for a short distance and reappearing around a building (Washington Episcopal School). According to my research around the 50s and 60s developers came into the area and used fill to level the area and build, making the stream actually go underground for a small distance. This reminds me of Amsterdam canal ring because it was created by bringing in transported sand to created a dry area free from flooding for the wealthy of Amsterdam. This area of Maryland was also leveled to create housing although, I’m not sure if this area was prone to flooding. This far inland to Maryland developers also don’t have to worry about losing any land to large water sources like Amsterdam did.


2 thoughts on “(N.O.) Water features

  1. I found your method in how you compared your own cities’ inner water workings to those of Amsterdam very interesting. I found your reflection interesting in comparison to mine; you seem to have researched quite a bit, that or you are very well taught about the history of this magnificent city.


    1. I like how you found a very similar comparison between the water working near you and in Amsterdam. Furthermore, you mentioned how you weren’t sure of the environmental effects this would have in regards to flooding. This is important to consider and reminds me of the damage done by digging up peat to heat the towns back in old Amsterdam.


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