Rijksmuseum Reflection

There is a lot to take a look at from this painting. My eyes were first drawn to what appears to be a church in the back left of the landscape. The distinct blue coloring seems to catch my attention, as the rest of painting showcase pink tones. What seems to be more a neutral, light colored painting is then contrasted with this church in the back, making me assume there is significance towards this building. Beyond this building, I was then tuned into the red sled found on the ice, towards the bottom right corner of the painting. Another focal point with distinct coloring, this time a harsher red. The trees also tend to stick out to me, as the texture makes them appear frail and thin — must have required a lot of stability when painting!

What’s interesting to me is how Brusati depicts perspective in Dutch pairing, and the two points I notice seem to come at different perspectives of the landscape, one further in the distance while one closer to the viewpoint. A cooler color in the back while the warmer color appears closer. Could or couldn’t be intention, but I found myself thinking on that idea while glancing through the painting.

Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters, Hendrick Avercamp, c. 1608


2 thoughts on “Rijksmuseum Reflection

  1. That red sled totally captured my attention as well. I found the color comparison and symbolic meaning you brought very interesting. I honestly didn’t notice it before you mentioned and now that is all I see. Did you notice the red bird on top center? I wonder what that color symbolizes. I also found the diminishing horizon and people through the distance very interesting. Avercamp did a fascinating job on how smoke from the chimneys later mash to that diminishing horizon and the cloud. Thank you for the interesting read.


  2. I really love the detail and dispersion of people within this painting. I like how you pointed out the church building on the left that your eyes first gravitated to, since it’s dark form does counter the general brightness of all the other buildings. Your response to the church’s distinctiveness was to assume “significance,” which shows the language of color that artists utilise within their work. What I like overall of your description of this art piece is that you yourself describe the movement of your eye over the canvas, which shows what aspects of art gravitate the viewers perspective.


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