Bikes Reflection

What I gained from these videos, like many things I take for granted in my everyday life, is the value of space and comfort; specifically, spacial awareness, as it pertains to the intentionality within my own neighbourhood. While the comforts of home are familialy/self-selected, I often don’t think of the intention behind the design and setup of my neighbourhood––for instance, the role of nature. While my neighbourhood is interwoven with busy streets and shops, there is also a park just a block from my home and many more parks not too far off, along with trees, flowers and lots of nature continually planted and dispersed throughout. So, although the neighbourhood itself is comprised of townhouses––much like in Amsterdam––the effect nature has within it is substantial. This same idea is displayed in the 1972 neighbourhood De Pijp, Amsterdam, which had almost no nature, compared to the same neighbourhood in recent years, which has renovated homes, trees and bicycles. 

While bicycling is becoming more popular in DC, the rules of the road (as it pertains to bicyclist) is not as fully understood or ingrained in the culture within the States, compared to Amsterdam and other parts of Europe such as the UK, therefore it’s not as safe. However, as cycling has become more common, Capital Bikeshare has become a popular quick-rent bike company, and there are many CaBi racks installed around DC. In red on the Map are just a look at a few of these racks near where I live, including one just a couple blocks from my home.

Displayed below is the main intersection in Georgetown, M St and Wisconsin Ave, which is a four-way intersection, as opposed to a roundabout (which are most common in Amsterdam). 


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