Pascal Bicycles No. 2

While I was rewatching all of Pascal’s videos, I took notice of two things that jumped out at me.

The first of which was the implementation of speed bumps that serve to slow the speed of drivers, and thus limiting the number of accidents that prove fatal to bikers. These speed bumps were present in multiple places throughout multiple videos, which leads me to believe that they are common throughout the streets of Amsterdam. I do not believe this would work in the United States. Whether this is due to the higher speed limits in the United States, larger average vehicle sizes, or perhaps a lack of cyclists, I am a bit skeptical of the potential implementation of such measures in the United States.

The second of which was the pedestrian bridge seen in one of Pascal’s videos. This is a very interesting feature of Amsterdam’s infrastructure, given that it is built strictly for bicycle traffic and foot traffic. There are some of these in the United States, especially in major cities, but upon further review of google maps, Amsterdam has far more. I believe that this would work if implemented in the United States. Many politicians tout infrastructure improvement as one of the ways that they will find jobs for their constituents. Over time, I think that these infrastructure improvements will result in the establishment of pedestrian bridges like the one seen in the video.

A couple of questions that I have for Pascal are these:

Is there heavy foot & bicycle traffic on the pedestrian bridges like the one seen in your video?

Do you believe that speed bumps like the ones seen in your videos would work in certain areas of the United States?


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