Myles Franklin | June 7, 2021

Until today, I believed that only male cattle or bulls could grow horns. During Dancing With The Horned Ladies, I was shocked to find out that cows could grow horns too. Living my whole life in America, I’ve never seen a horned cow. It was saddening to find out that America and of the industrialized world has dehorned cows over the past decades, which is why it is rare to see a horned cow. According to the film, a cow’s horns are a vital source of minerals and nutrients. Without horns, cows have to resort to getting minerals from their hooves, which damages the hooves. As a result, the cows walk less, eat less, and become less healthy overall.

America should take notes from Dancing With The Horned Ladies. By banning the dehorning of cows, America’s cows could become much healthier and less reliant on antibiotics and other chemical drug treatments. Healthier cows will lead to healthier food. However, it is unlikely that farmers will completely stop using antibiotics and vaccines on cows since it most likely brings in tons of money to pharmaceutical companies each year.


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