Purpose of the Economy “Conscious Capitalism”

Geometric pattern via Shuttershock

With the emergence of new fields of research, there seems to be a trend where various actors (private/public) are coming together to deal with various tasks in collective action form. In all its form this sort of globalized connection is leading towards an upgrade in social, economic, and human rights progress. In a way, our actions on earth are shaping not only the consequences but also the possibilities and choices we will make in the future.

One article that I went further to investigate was J. Elkington’s “A New Kind of Top-Down Business Leadership can change the World.” In this reading, authors Ellington and Love are emphasizing the new concept of conscious capitalism developed by growing numbers of entrepreneurs, corporates, and investors led by Jochen Ritz – Chairman of Puma – and Richard Branson who are trying to promote top-down revolutionary movements in favor of empowering sustainability and human rights.

For instance, Paul Polman of Unilever is trying to create a new set of Sustainable Development Goals to replace the 2015 UN Millenium Development Goals that have expired. Or Jochen Zeitz, Chairman of Puma, who advocates for a new platform that would combat “disruptive Environmental Profit and Loss accounting methods that sportswear company has pioneered.” Not many, who are at the top of the food chain would have the guts to stand up to the world and say how much damage their company has been making to the environment and decide to make new changes towards sustainability.

This reminds me of Dancing with the Horned Ladies and Jan Dirk who is also trying to promote a change towards more sustainable farming and production of resources although currently many farms still allow the use of antibiotics on cows. Nevertheless, he has been gathering a team and promoting more sustainable ways of managing farm life. And due to his way of farming and managing animals, the world has become more aware of how animals are being dealt with by large companies that are making millions of dollars on antibiotics productions. Not to mention all the harm that is causing both to the nature as well as to the animals.

Hence, as the article stated, “as system dysfunctions become clear to ordinary citizens…” our actions and choices also orientate towards healthier decision-makings not only for us but also for our surrounding environment and the future. This is the only revolution that matters. Thus, it is refreshing to see that not only are the people at the bottom of the chain stepping up to advocate for a change, but also those that in power who have a lot to lose.


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