My Walk Vs. Pascal’s – Observations/Emma

From Pascal’s video, Nescio Bridge

My walk took me through the outer part of our property, which consists of simple mowed paths alongside stretching hay fields. These paths have been mowed to allow for comfortable walking through the countryside without disrupting the natural environment too much. While my surroundings are extremely different visually than those seen in Pascal’s videos, it made me think about the infrastructure in the more central locations in my town and the little efforts that have been made to designate bike paths. Given that the town is quite strict on building and construction of new buildings and roads, I wonder if it might be an option to institute bike paths in these hillscapes. If some form of pavement or dirt/rock paths could be carved into the off-road areas, perhaps it would provide a much safer and more serene option for the local cyclists without having to interrupt main roads with construction and the likely red-tape that would make that process difficult. Pascal’s tours brought him alongside various bodies of water and seemed like peaceful, enjoyable routes. My county is home to many lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, that could be a viable option for improved infrastructure that caters specifically to cyclists and pedestrians.


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