Betsky Reflection

6.3km of the old train track, Gyeongui Line, is now reformed to the longest park in Seoul, South Korea. The old railroad which cut across the forest of high buildings was abandoned after that particular train line was discontinued and used as a parking spot for road maintenance vehicles, construction equipment, and abandoned vehicles. After years of redevelopment, it turned into a diverse recreational space for the citizens. The old station has changed into nostalgic artwork; dirty river to clean water where children can jump in; dark and spooky under the bridge to art exhibition path. This artificial and aesthetic park which maybe is vital to city residents living in a compact environment looks harmonious at the same time foreign to the surrounding environment.

I see Betsky and Nescio both praising and criticizing for Gyeongui line forest park, as it can be perceived as both positive or negative, depending on which purpose you are looking at it. Betsky value the efficiency and harmony in design to the environment. He could have praised the efficient way of space usage of the park for recreational use and harmonious design to its surrounding high rise buildings. On the other hand, he could have viewed it as inappropriate and unbalance to the environment, and argue for better use of the space. However, he would enjoy the nostalgic reuse of the old railroad. Nescio who values the natural design, may like the park for providing space to a citizen or dislike the artificial structure of the park. Clearly, it would be interesting to witness their examination.

by David Hyon


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