This landscape is newer to me. I did not grow up in the neighborhood I drew. Although it isn’t completely foreign to me as I have grown up in the same town my whole life. This is the neighborhood I spent locked up in my house due to the pandemic. It’s actually quite comforting to me now. It is extremely peaceful, and I can hear the birds chirping and the frog croaking. I can walk in the middle of the road, because the neighborhood is not full of bustling cars. I really like my new neighborhood. I like how when I go on walks here, I can see the sun setting. I think Bavink and I have a different relationship with the sun, even though we both love the sun. I love the sun because it boosts my mood and makes me feel very happy. I know not to stare at it because it can severely damage your eyes and apparently make you go insane. The winters are very hard for me, because the sun is less present. 


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