Personal Reflection: Land of the Pines

For this assignment I drove to a nearby nature preserve to walk around and find something to draw. I found this pretty butterfly garden and originally drew that, but then on my way out of the park/preserve I just kept stopping to look at the trees, so I thought I should try and draw the trees because I was very obviously fascinated by them. North Carolina is sometimes known as the land of the pines. It’s home to a wide variety of pine trees but this one in particular is the long leaf pine. They are very tall trees and because they only have pine needles at the tops and their bark is mostly fire resistant, you’ll see whole longleaf pine forest throughout the southeast. All the trees look like they’re the perfect distance apart from one another- it makes for a kind of mesmerizing view.

Like the little titans, I love my natural surroundings and have a fondness for the natural things that make my home, my home- long leaf pine forests, carolina jasmine, honeysuckle, dogwood trees, etc. just like the young titans have an affinity for walking along the dikes and looking at how the sun reflects on the water, the buttercups and the frogs and cows. When Bekker goes to Germany, he knows he will miss this place but he goes anyway- like I did when I went to DC, it’s best for me but I longed to be come.

Not my photo. I didn’t take a picture of the park, and my drawing leaves a lot to be desired so here’s just a picture of something similar to what I was seeing. Tree after tree with no other plans except for baby long leaf pines and a floor covered in pine needles- no grass needed.

5/19/20 Dani Hall


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