The Eighty Years War

Myles Franklin | June 1, 2021

I found The Eighty Years War to be a very interesting part of Netherlands history because I’ve always been interested in the stories of how nations gained their independence. The Eighty Years War lasted from 1566-1648. The primary reason for the war was Spain’s harsh persecution of Protestants. Protestantism began to rapidly spread in the 1500s, and Protestants made up a significant portion of the Netherlands’ population by 1566. Spain was a Catholic empire that ruled over the Netherlands and wasn’t tolerant of any form of religion other than Catholicism. The war resulted in the Netherlands gaining its independence from Spain and becoming a Protestant nation.

It would be interesting to know how the change in government and religion that resulted from The Eighty Years War affected the Netherlands sustainability practices. According to Feddes, the war increased Netherlands population through incoming refugees, and the war forced cities in the Netherlands to strengthen and expand their infrastructures. However, I’d like to know which sustainability practices were associated with Catholicism and which were associated with Protestantism. Joppe provides a small glimpse into this as he discusses the differences between Catholic and Protestant architecture. Also, I’d like to know Spain’s approach to sustainability in the Netherlands.


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